The word catechesis comes from a Greek word which means to teach by word of mouth. There is a long tradition in the Church of disciple formation by catechesis. Catechesis has generally taken place under the direction of a priest or religious with children and adolescents. Often catechesis has been carried out with the aid of a text generally in the form of questions and answers. Nowadays there are also new resources available for catechesis in the form of high quality video clips available online. Catechesis is a format for transmitting the Faith which allows participants to raise questions and engage in discussion. Catechesis is a complement to the first step of discipleship when one enters into friendship with Christ. St Augustine makes the simple observation, “It is quite certain that nothing can be loved unless it is known”. Catechesis is a way of aiding one who has encountered Jesus to know Him more, and thus to love Him more. Fr Nicolas Maurice