What to expect

What to expect at church on Sundays

Sunday is a special day set aside for worship, rest, and family. Catholics have gathered for worship at Sunday Mass for over 2000 years, from the very start of the Church.

Sunday Mass is the name for the action of worship of Catholic Christians which has it origins in Jesus Christ. Sunday Mass has a structure with biblical readings and prayers: the Order of Mass.

One does not need to know the Order of Mass to attend (copies available at back of church); anyone is welcome to attend and follow with the congregation. The parish bulletin available at every weekend Mass has the biblical readings on the front and back. For more information about the Mass please click here.

Sunday Mass is generally under an hour. Visitors are not expected to give on the collection plate.

Parking is available beside or very near to each of our churches.

All our churches have visible entrances on the street side of the buildings.

Children welcome
Families with children are most welcome to Mass.

There is plenty of seating on the pews none of which are reserved. Newcomers who are less familiar with the order of Mass may wish to sit near the middle of the church in order to follow the rest of the congregation during the service.

There are bathroom facilities at each of our churches. Just ask at the door for directions.

Respectful dress is customary at Mass.

Holy Communion
Partway through the service members of the congregation will process forward to receive Holy Communion. Non-Catholics are welcome to receive a blessing by coming forward with arms folded on the chest, and of course Catholics properly disposed* can come forward to receive the Body of the Lord.
[*Properly disposed means: I have stopped eating and drinking (except water) 1 hour before communion, and I am not aware of any mortal sins burdening my conscience.]